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Low Cost
Spay & Neuter Options

Newberry County Residents


Low cost spay/neuter is available for pets of Newberry County residents through the Newberry County shelter. Call 803-321-2185.


Follow the link below to the Shelter's website for more information.

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Budget Friendly Spay/Neuter Surgeries

PetCare Animal Hospital of Newberry

436 Wilson Road

Newberry, SC 29108

Call 803-276-2498 for an appointment.


Newberry County Humane Society is offering FREE Spay or neuter for anyone in our community that has a Pit that needs to be fixed. On the appointment day, you must be able to bring your dog to PetCare of Newberry at 8:00 am and pick up in the afternoon. Please EMAIL your information to For those who do not have email, Facebook message us or text 803-768-9930 with your phone number and dog’s information (name, sex, age, approximate weight) Limited appointments available.

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The Humane Society SC

Spay/Neuter Clinic located at 405 Greenlawn Drive, Columbia, SC 29209, is open and scheduling appointments


SERVICES & FEE LIST - Humane Society of South Carolina (

TNR & Feral Cat Solutions

Feral Cat Solutions of Chapin Inc. (FCS) is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to helping to solve the overpopulation crisis of feral and free-roaming community cats in the Midlands of South Carolina. TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) is the most effective method available for controlling feral cat colonies. It is the solution to the feral cat problem.


Feral cats are a fact of life in our throw-away society, resulting from abandoned or neglected pet cats. A managed colony is the only true solution for all those who use the property on which feral cats reside, whether they "like" cats or not. It is the only hope for the cats and a sound decision for property owners.

     In 2012 Newberry County entered into an agreement with Pawmetto Lifeline to provide low cost spay/neuter for pets of Newberry County. In 2011 Newberry County shelter reported the shelter intake reached the 2,500 mark and 70% of those animals were euthanized. Thanks to this spay/neuter program there has been a steady decline in the number of shelter animals euthanized. Our records show that in 2011 the shelter euthanized 1,836 animals. In 2012, the first year of the spay/neuter program, 1,212 animals were euthanized.

     In 2018 Newberry County began a community cat program through an arrangement with Feral Cat Solutions of Chapin to address cat over population. As a result, the number of euthanized shelter animals declined to 60 in 2019 down from 420 in 2018.

     Low cost spay/neuter is available to all Newberry County residents through Newberry County Animal Care & Control. Call the shelter at 803-321-2185 of follow the link below to schedule an appointment:

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