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​Newberry County Humane Society has been dedicated to animal welfare for more than 35 years. During that time, we have been dedicated to improving conditions at the Newberry County shelter, promoting spay/neuter, and educating the public about caring for animals.

We are not the shelter. The shelter is operated by Newberry County. The Humane Society provides community pets in need with medical care, food, and other assistance. The shelter and our local Newberry County veterinarians help us identify these animals and find solutions for care


Finding local shelter animals their “furever” homes and keeping our community animals in their homes is our goal.


We Are Here to Help

Most of us realize that adopting and training a puppy comes with many challenges, and there is a great deal of advice available for those who are brave enough to begin at the beginning. An older dog who has wound up in the shelter may be an even greater, more complex challenge, and for your sake, as well as the dog’s sake, we really want you to succeed.


Dogs are loving and forgiving, and you may never know from your new dog how he or she has suffered, or been betrayed, or abused. We need to be aware that being hand-shy, or bolting through a door, or cringing at the tone of your voice, or being afraid to eat, or being afraid of children, or men, or women is a clue to a story that you may never know. Dogs don’t forget. They go on loving, and forgiving, but sometimes that bad old experience comes to mind, and they are afraid again.


Many of the dogs at the shelter are there, as owner surrenders, or strays, because no one ever got around to training them, and now they’re big and strong and too much trouble. The numbers people tell us that only 4% of homeless dogs ever received basic training of any kind. It’s never too late to train them, and they are never too old to learn, but fear is the greatest obstacle in both teaching and learning.


Likewise, there is a lot to know about bringing a new kitten or cat into your home. Many problems can be resolved by talking with an experienced cat owner.


If you run into problems you can’t seem to solve, if you feel discouraged about your future with your new dog or cat, please call on us for help. None of us are experts, but we have a wealth of experience in our members, and we will find a way to help you. Leave us a voice mail at 803-768-9930 or send us an email at We will respond.

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  • Donations of pet food to God's Abundance for All People food pantry

  • Pet food supplied to pets in need in the community

  • Low cost spay/neuter clinic day at Pet Care of Newberry

  • Expenses for medical treatment in partnership with Pet Care of Newberry, College Animal Hospital and Chapin Veterinary Care Center including:

    • Heartworm treatment for dogs adopted from Newberry County shelter​

    • Exams, medical treatment, vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries for individuals' pets

    • Transportation and health certificates for dogs going to rescues

  • Donated to The Heartworm Project, a nonprofit in Columbia who has treated many heartworm positive dogs from Newberry shelter.

  • Kept 8 homeless dogs out of the shelter with the help of fosters through June of this year

  • Distributed donated dog houses and kennels to pets in need


Your generous donations have made this possible and donations are needed to continue this good work!

Fostering Saves Lives
Fosters are needed now. Call 803-321-2185.

There is limited room in the shelter and when overcrowding occurs, animals are killed for lack of space. Are you able to take in a shelter pet or two during times when the shelter runs out of space? You will truly be a life saver.

We are lucky to have Rescue groups pulling pets from the County shelter. Can you foster a pet while they wait for transport? This is usually between two weeks and a month. If your schedule or lifestyle keeps you from having a full-time pet, this a wonderful way to enjoy having a pet for a short time.

The shelter is especially stressful to special needs pets like seniors, pregnant and nursing mothers, and those who need medical treatment.  We offer help with the cost of special care if you are able to open your heart and home to these special animals.

As a foster you will be able to give a potential adopter information about a pet’s personality and behavior. You can be a part of finding a pet its perfect home.


You can be the bridge between homeless and home. Foster a dog today.

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