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Newberry Observer April 2020

Dear Readers:

April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month and April 30th is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day.

With all the anxiety and worries and extra efforts we are all going through with the Coronavirus and daily hardships, let’s not forget the precious animals at our local Shelter, waiting for their Forever Homes.

Although the Newberry County Animal Shelter is temporarily closed to visitors, you can still view some of the pets available on the Facebook: Shelter Volunteer Network, and call and make an appointment to see and visit with your next Best Friend. Some of these pets are shown in The Newberry Observer each week and posted on the front window of the Observer.

They are all waiting for human contact and humane treatment, giving lots of love in return. They give Unconditional Love until their last breath. They play, they talk (bark and snort and wag) and with cats, they purr (and rub against you) when interacting with the human touch. Some have been strays all their lives, but are still looking for that “special” someone. Most have been loved pets, but due to certain circumstances, have been surrendered to the Shelter, in hopes that someone would give them a second or third or fourth chance at being Loved.

Yes, these are stressful times, but we could bring some happiness to a lonely pet and to ourselves. If you can’t Adopt, please consider Fostering and allowing the pet to have some freedom and to feel happiness, even for a little while.

God Bless Each and Everyone and please, Stay Safe.

Lorraine Bradley

Active member

Newberry County Humane Society

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